Jewellery Size Guide

How to measure your ring size?

When you are planning to buy a ring as a surprise, it is often a challenge to determine the correct ring size. You will have to get creative to find the right size and not spoil the surprise. Below, we have listed three methods you can use to find out the correct ring size. And keep reading for our advice on keeping the secret.

Measure an existing ring

Use a caliper or a ruler to measure the inside diameter of the ring. This measurement, expressed in mm, can be used to determine the correct ring size. Simply download our conversion chart below, where you can find the diameter measurement in the last column and the matching Bellini ring size in the first column.

Convert an international ring size

Use our comparative table if you know the ring size in a different country or measuring system than the one Bellini uses.

Print a paper ring sizer

A paper ring sizer works the same way as a synthetic ring sizer. You can print, cut and use this paper ring sizer to determine the correct ring size. Make sure you are printing in the correct scale. If the scaling is correct, this method is quite reliable.