Story of Diamonds

Diamonds, among the rarest materials on earth, are minerals and the hardest naturally occurring transparent crystalline substances found. Incredibly, it is the only gemstone made of just one element, carbon – in its purest form.

Each diamond is the result of an extraordinary voyage, turning this natural element into the world’s most sought-after jewel.

Diamonds are forged hundreds of kilometers below the earth’s surface. Extreme heat and pressure caused fragments of carbon to form into diamond crystals. Miraculously, diamonds are brought up to the surface by a volcano.

Once diamond bearing rocks were blown away to the surface by magma, they may have landed in a pile over a large surface area.

The material was eventually washed away by rain, washed back into the crater, or dispersed by other weathering processes.

Some of these diamonds were released from their mother rock and were transported hundreds of kilometers away, to be found much later in river beds and beach sands.